Our Work

  • How We Work

    There's no doubt about it – each project is unique and requires its own approach. With that said, many of the projects we take on at iFlesk.com have a lifespan that go through the following phases:


  • Our Latest Work

    Below is a list of our latest full-brand development projects. Each project has undergone extensive colour profiles, logo branding, website, and print design. Our full web, logo, and print portfolios are to the right.

    • Websites


      Since the time of established in 1997, we have developed so many websites for our clients. It's ranged from static website from late 90s to today well-known web 2.0.

      The technologies which we use to develop is depend on the projects and also depend on the client's requirement.


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    • Physics and The World around Us

      Physics and The World around Us

      This software is for helping junior and senior student to study physics. It's also be used as a mean for helping physics teachers in their daily job.

      The main features are: 100% free of charge, rich in content, easy of use and excelent user interface.


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    • DullHead Game

      Dullhead Game

      It's about Director which is the predecessor of the now ubiquitous Flash. We used Director to developed this game with the hope that this can help people relax their mind.

      The more attractive, more impessive version of the game will be soon available in Flash.


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